Thursday, November 30, 2006

The US has decided to ban the sale of iPods to North Korea as a major punitive action in response to Kim Jong il’s aggressive pursuit in the building of an atomic bomb. Kim Jong was reported to have been furious and was seen screaming and kicking on the floor of his palace with a tantrum that lasted for several hours. The iPod is one of his favorite US made products (as a matter of fact one of the only things made in the US). He has sworn revenge. The White House was quoted as saying, “we had to resort to this extreme measure to get his attention.”
The midget madman who stands at 5 foot 2 inches loves his iPod and was planning to give away several to his scientist who are nearing success in building the bomb. Jong love to surf the internet and download iTunes. He also has one of the worlds largest collection of videotapes, some say as many as 20,000 tapes. He is an avid James Bond fan.
Who knows what will happen now as he plans his reprisal. I’m sure we will see several more missile launches. Sources inside North Korea say that he has a secret network of architects inside the US who design ugly buildings. This may be his ultimate weapon of destruction for the US. The buildings are so repulsive in their appearance the population will be forced to evacuate the area leaving the country a wasteland. One of Jong’s favorite monster buildings is located in Temple, Texas.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Take a good look at this man, Alexander Litinenko, an ex-KGB spy who claims he was poisoned by Russian President Viadimir Putin. We thought the cold war was over but this James Bond stuff still goes on.
The reason we should study the picture is to see that Litinenko is dying of radiation poisoning. He was given a small quantity of Polonium – 210 a radioactive substance which can be obtained on the internet. This is an alpha particle emitter which will not penetrate the skin but if inhaled or taken internally can be devastating. Substances which are similar can be found in radioactive fallout from an atomic bomb explosion or could be placed in a dirty bomb. If these bombs were exploded in a populated area the effects and casualties would be unimaginable. Our medical system could not handle the casualties. The hospital beds throughout the country average an 80% occupancy rate and 90% of ventilators are in use all of the time. There is simply no capacity to handle large numbers of injured.
An individual would be most fortunate to be at the epicenter of an atomic explosion so that they would be immediately vaporized rather than die the slow horrible death of Alexander Litinenko who suffered from radiation sickness. The bone marrow is depressed so that no blood in produced to combat infection. The immune system is wiped out. GI hemorrhage is common and your hair falls out. It takes about two weeks to die and there is no treatment.
With all the insane terrorist who hate us so much, we are in great danger. Maybe it’s time to go to the bunker. Perhaps there are worse fates in life than the threat of a nuclear holocaust. Looking at the new S&W Hospital daily may be one of them.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

November 22 is always a solemn reminder of the death of JFK. As much as I have come to dislike some of the Kennedy clan, I am still saddened by the assassination. JFK did make us proud of our country when he was president. He represented youth, vigor and intelligence. Jack and Jackie were almost like royalty. Much of this died with JFK and the coming of Viet Nam. Camelot died with him.
Now all we have for royalty is Tom and Katie. We are indeed in sad shape. We are mired in a war that has caused much of the world to hate us. We need another hero to ride in on a white horse and give us pride in our country. I see no one on the horizon. Hillary is sure not it and I don’t think Tom and Katie can manage to pull it off. Hopefully, someone will emerge in the next two years.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My faith in the media and publishing industry have been slightly restored by the cancellation of O.J. Simpsons TV interview and his multi-million dollar book deal. His book was “ If I Did It.” It was reported to be a confession of the killings for which he was acquitted 10 years ago. His trial was a fiasco and a travesty of justice. If he had not been acquitted we would have had the burning of several cities because a guilty verdict would have been viewed as racial discrimination. He literally got away with murder because of who he was. He now lives in a state of arrogance and places himself above the law.
At least the media and publishers have had the good sense and moral fiber to say, enough is enough and cancel his multi-million dollar deal. I’m afraid it’s probably not the last we have heard of the affair. With O. J’s arrogance and need to make money he will pursue the deal. He will most likely be able to get a rogue publishing company out of the country to publish the book. It might even be done in Mexico and he could have illegal aliens smuggle the books across the border when they sneak under the new fence. That would be a million or so books a year, at least, and they would sell like hot potatoes on the black market and may even beat PlayStation 3 sales. They would probably go for at least 50 dollars a copy on e-bay. There are all sorts of possibilities, so we haven’t heard the last of it.
Meanwhile Tom and Katie had their honeymoon breakfast in bed. The frozen placenta of their baby was thawed and made into a soufflé.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I might as well put their picture on the blog. That’s all you are hearing in the news, Tom and Katie, Tom and Katie. We seem to have our priorities out of order. What is our number one priority? Big news items, like the war in Iraq and the press harping about the incompetence of President Bush, have taken a second page position compared to top stories such as the sale of PlayStation 3 by Sony and the big wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

People were fighting over the PlayStation 3 and standing in line for hours to get the 600-dollar item. Many immediately put them up for sale on e-Bay and they went for as much as $5,700. What a way to make a buck.

If the PlayStation thing wasn’t bad enough, the world went crazy over the Italian wedding of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. They have already had a baby and have become so united that Cruise talked about eating the placenta following the delivery. What more can you do to consummate a union than eating your babies placenta? Exchanging vows before a pagan priest in a fairy tale castle in Italy must be the answer. His priorities are a little confusing, but perhaps that’s Scientology. Marriage has become a strange union. There is now greater emphasis on homosexual marriage and marriage after living together for a while rather than the old fashioned kind I am accustomed to. The Bible appears to be of a lesser priority in reading than the Koran or the writing of L. Ron Hubbard. The relationship portrayed in the movie Broke Back Mountain seems to have become the norm and under the Democrats will have the blessing of the law of the land.

I thought Bush bashing before the election was bad, but it seems great compared to this most recent stuff which is getting the headlines. I’m ready to go back after Bush for the lead story. I’m also going to stick to my old pong game I bought for my TV back in the 70’s. PlayStation is much to fast and expensive for me. The Koran and L. Ron Hubbard are also beyond me, so I will stick to the simple instructions in 1 Corinthians Chapter 7 or Ephesians Chapter 5 covering the principles of marriage. I don’t think the actions of Katie and Tom or the guys in Broke Back Mountain are covered in these books.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

We recently put out the yearly Thanksgiving decorations. My favorite is a pilgrim man and woman who look striking in their dress. I pondered these figures and contrasted them to the young men and women of today. After my pondering I laughed until I finally threw up.
The pilgrim woman’s dress consists of a bodice and skirt. The bodice is buttoned all the way down the front. The skirt is ankle length. She has a long sleeve waistcoat worn over the top and an apron. She has a lace collar and cuffs and is covered with a cloak. Her hair is worn pulled tightly back and is covered with a bonnet.
The man has on a linen shirt with a collar. On top he wears a doublet which is closely fitted with long sleeves and broad padded shoulders. The doublet buttons down the front and he has a cloak draped over his shoulders. He has a lace collar and cuffs. His lower body is fitted with breeches that are somewhat baggy and extend to the knees. He has full-length stockings extending to the knee. His shoes are low heeled with a large buckle in front. He has similar buckles on his belt and hat. His hat is tall crowned and flat on top with a broad brim.
By contrast we have the youth of today who wear as little as possible. The girls have on ragged jeans with patches and holes with the waist line just above her symphysis pubis and the back extending so low that the crevice between the buttock is exposed and is adorned with a tattoo. In front, the exposed umbilicus is ornamented with a ring. She wears a muscle shirt as does her male counterpart. The male has similar tattered jeans which are baggy. Both have tattered sneakers. The girls have additional piercing in the ears, lips and eyebrows.
When we give thanks on Thursday let us thank God that once the human race looked nice and founded a great country and then pray for guidance in the future because we sure need it, the way things have been going lately and the way our future leaders look.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I have been off the blog for several days in total darkness as the picture above demonstrates. It started after the elections. The Republicans did themselves in with the war in Iraq, scandals and arrogance. The Democrats are in with nothing but words and no real plan. As a matter of fact they are now saying we can’t pull out of Iraq right away and may even have to increase our troop strength. You can say anything and get elected by a population always dissatisfied with whoever is in office. We are like the children of Israel.
The above picture is also the best view of the new hospital building at S&W. I had relatives visiting the other day. They wanted to see the new facility, so I took them at the best viewing time.
The picture pretty well reflects my mood for the past few days. Won are too of those who reed the blog come plain a bout the spelling. Check the last sentence with spell check and the only word that is incorrect is blog which spell check doesn’t recognize as a real word. Won, two, to and too as well as or and are and reed and read are all correct with spell check regardless of how used. The deer reeder will just have two bare with me. So much for spell check. Like Mark Twain said, “I don’t give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way.”
Anyway, the blog is back and hopefully the sun will come out during Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 03, 2006

The above is a group of our ignorant, uneducated troops who couldn’t make it in our educational system and are stuck in Iraq. According to John Kerry these are the type who serve in our military to defend America and give their lives so that we may stay over here and criticize them for being stupid. Kerry thinks that our volunteer army is made up of these low forms of humanity who are black, Hispanic and unable to do anything else.
I was in the army for six years during the Viet Nam War and knew a large number of these ignorant folks. They were not as smart as Bill Clinton to escape serving and didn’t have a minor defect in their spine ( which I see in healthy athletes everyday) that would disqualify them from service like the loud mouth Howard Dean.
Some of the ignorant doctors I served with ended up with jobs such as:
Professor of Radiology at Harvard and Chairman of the Dept. at Mass. Gen. Hospital
Professor of Radiology and Chairman at Penn State
Chairman of Radiology at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago
Professor & Chairman of Radiology at Northwestern University
Professor and Vice Chairman of Radiology at Univ. of California San Francisco
Professor of Radiology and Chairman at Baylor University College of Medicine
I was the only real failure in the group, stuck in Central Texas in an ugly hospital.
I for one am very proud of our military and am most thankful that they are willing to serve to protect our freedom and the great threat we now face with terrorist and the likes of madmen in North Korea and Iran.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

There is now hope for the fat gluttons of the world. Researchers have discovered that fat mice who take a large amount of resveratrol, an extract from red wine, live longer, are more healthy and much more vigorous and happy. This means it’s okay to eat all you want as long as you drink plenty of red wine or take resveratrol when it comes out in a pill. Apparently cholesterol doesn’t matter either.
This also means all the fuss about trans fat can be forgotten. KFC who recently decided to eliminate trans fat in their cooking process can now go back to the good old hog grease and keep chicken “finger licking good.”
We should be able to rely on this information because what is good for rats is certainly good for humans since we are very close kin. As a matter of fact most of our politicians are rats, just look at John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, not to speak of the recent Republicans who have resigned from office because of political scandal and sexual misconduct. Even many of our clergy are rats. So, we should all be safe.
Research is also very reliable. This is the same group of people who a few years ago advised women that they should take estrogen and progesterone hormones to strengthen the bones and prevent osteoporosis. They said there was no danger in developing cancer with this hormone combination.
So, lets go to McDonald’s for lunch and have a big order of fries followed by a glass of red wine before we call the ambulance.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The horse-face, bushy-headed, loud- mouth John Kerry put his foot in his mouth again yesterday. He told a group of college students that for those who can’t navigate the educational system, they end up stuck in Iraq. In other words those who end up going into the military are too stupid to stay in school. Thanks troop for going over there and putting your lives on the line for us brilliant people at home.
Kerry is trying to make another bid for the Presidency. The only platform he has is Bush bashing. According to Kerry, everything Bush has done is wrong. Of course he has no solution to the problems.
After the few good horror movies leading up to Halloween, it is now time to turn the TV off until after the elections. I’m overdosed on horror and the political ads are some of the best examples of horror I have seen. The negative political adds by the Democrats and Republicans are as sickening as Scott & White’s new hospital building. I don’t know what any of the candidates really stand for. For all I know, Kinky Freeman may be the best for Governor. I think I may just stay at home on election day. Does anyone really want to do what is best for the country rather than their party.