Thursday, November 30, 2006

The US has decided to ban the sale of iPods to North Korea as a major punitive action in response to Kim Jong il’s aggressive pursuit in the building of an atomic bomb. Kim Jong was reported to have been furious and was seen screaming and kicking on the floor of his palace with a tantrum that lasted for several hours. The iPod is one of his favorite US made products (as a matter of fact one of the only things made in the US). He has sworn revenge. The White House was quoted as saying, “we had to resort to this extreme measure to get his attention.”
The midget madman who stands at 5 foot 2 inches loves his iPod and was planning to give away several to his scientist who are nearing success in building the bomb. Jong love to surf the internet and download iTunes. He also has one of the worlds largest collection of videotapes, some say as many as 20,000 tapes. He is an avid James Bond fan.
Who knows what will happen now as he plans his reprisal. I’m sure we will see several more missile launches. Sources inside North Korea say that he has a secret network of architects inside the US who design ugly buildings. This may be his ultimate weapon of destruction for the US. The buildings are so repulsive in their appearance the population will be forced to evacuate the area leaving the country a wasteland. One of Jong’s favorite monster buildings is located in Temple, Texas.


Blogger Mark M said...

There is no question about it. It is a conspiracy. All the bad guys in the world have put in their 2 cents on the Scott and White new building.

8:49 AM  

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