Friday, November 03, 2006

The above is a group of our ignorant, uneducated troops who couldn’t make it in our educational system and are stuck in Iraq. According to John Kerry these are the type who serve in our military to defend America and give their lives so that we may stay over here and criticize them for being stupid. Kerry thinks that our volunteer army is made up of these low forms of humanity who are black, Hispanic and unable to do anything else.
I was in the army for six years during the Viet Nam War and knew a large number of these ignorant folks. They were not as smart as Bill Clinton to escape serving and didn’t have a minor defect in their spine ( which I see in healthy athletes everyday) that would disqualify them from service like the loud mouth Howard Dean.
Some of the ignorant doctors I served with ended up with jobs such as:
Professor of Radiology at Harvard and Chairman of the Dept. at Mass. Gen. Hospital
Professor of Radiology and Chairman at Penn State
Chairman of Radiology at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago
Professor & Chairman of Radiology at Northwestern University
Professor and Vice Chairman of Radiology at Univ. of California San Francisco
Professor of Radiology and Chairman at Baylor University College of Medicine
I was the only real failure in the group, stuck in Central Texas in an ugly hospital.
I for one am very proud of our military and am most thankful that they are willing to serve to protect our freedom and the great threat we now face with terrorist and the likes of madmen in North Korea and Iran.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Amen and Amen. This is the only serious comment you will likely get out of me, Doc. You are certainly not the "only failure in the group" even though you do work in an ugly hospital. You ended up with a wife that I would not challenge in checkers, a debate on any topic, finance or retail, or a knife fight. In spite of Dr. Ben Spock you also raised a nest full of very wonderful and successful children and have enough beautiful grandchildren to make any W.A.S.P. jealous. I am sure they will finish the exterior of S&W someday. Remember, it took centuries to finish some of the pyramids and had Pharoahs overseeing things, not the S&W board and uncle Al.

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