Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Take a good look at this man, Alexander Litinenko, an ex-KGB spy who claims he was poisoned by Russian President Viadimir Putin. We thought the cold war was over but this James Bond stuff still goes on.
The reason we should study the picture is to see that Litinenko is dying of radiation poisoning. He was given a small quantity of Polonium – 210 a radioactive substance which can be obtained on the internet. This is an alpha particle emitter which will not penetrate the skin but if inhaled or taken internally can be devastating. Substances which are similar can be found in radioactive fallout from an atomic bomb explosion or could be placed in a dirty bomb. If these bombs were exploded in a populated area the effects and casualties would be unimaginable. Our medical system could not handle the casualties. The hospital beds throughout the country average an 80% occupancy rate and 90% of ventilators are in use all of the time. There is simply no capacity to handle large numbers of injured.
An individual would be most fortunate to be at the epicenter of an atomic explosion so that they would be immediately vaporized rather than die the slow horrible death of Alexander Litinenko who suffered from radiation sickness. The bone marrow is depressed so that no blood in produced to combat infection. The immune system is wiped out. GI hemorrhage is common and your hair falls out. It takes about two weeks to die and there is no treatment.
With all the insane terrorist who hate us so much, we are in great danger. Maybe it’s time to go to the bunker. Perhaps there are worse fates in life than the threat of a nuclear holocaust. Looking at the new S&W Hospital daily may be one of them.


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