Sunday, November 19, 2006

We recently put out the yearly Thanksgiving decorations. My favorite is a pilgrim man and woman who look striking in their dress. I pondered these figures and contrasted them to the young men and women of today. After my pondering I laughed until I finally threw up.
The pilgrim woman’s dress consists of a bodice and skirt. The bodice is buttoned all the way down the front. The skirt is ankle length. She has a long sleeve waistcoat worn over the top and an apron. She has a lace collar and cuffs and is covered with a cloak. Her hair is worn pulled tightly back and is covered with a bonnet.
The man has on a linen shirt with a collar. On top he wears a doublet which is closely fitted with long sleeves and broad padded shoulders. The doublet buttons down the front and he has a cloak draped over his shoulders. He has a lace collar and cuffs. His lower body is fitted with breeches that are somewhat baggy and extend to the knees. He has full-length stockings extending to the knee. His shoes are low heeled with a large buckle in front. He has similar buckles on his belt and hat. His hat is tall crowned and flat on top with a broad brim.
By contrast we have the youth of today who wear as little as possible. The girls have on ragged jeans with patches and holes with the waist line just above her symphysis pubis and the back extending so low that the crevice between the buttock is exposed and is adorned with a tattoo. In front, the exposed umbilicus is ornamented with a ring. She wears a muscle shirt as does her male counterpart. The male has similar tattered jeans which are baggy. Both have tattered sneakers. The girls have additional piercing in the ears, lips and eyebrows.
When we give thanks on Thursday let us thank God that once the human race looked nice and founded a great country and then pray for guidance in the future because we sure need it, the way things have been going lately and the way our future leaders look.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Looks like eventually we will go back to the fig leaf for formal wear. Don't despair totally, though. Finding a young person in decent attire is a lot like a bird watcher looking for a bald eagle in an area best known for blackbirds and just have to know where to look. The Future Farmers of America held their area debate/parliamentary procedure/radio, etc. competition this past week in Hillsboro. These young people are aged 13 to 18. The young men all wear black pants, white shirts and black boots. The young women wear black skirts (knee-length), white blouses, black hose and black heels. Both also wear the traditional blue FFA jacket with the gold FFA emblem on the back. They all looked magnificent and represented their respective schools and communities in a very impressive manner. There is still hope! These kids all looked and conducted themselves in a way that made their parents and teachers proud.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Michelle Wright said...

I think think pilgrim pictured here is much better looking than the current James Bond! please!

9:03 AM  

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