Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My faith in the media and publishing industry have been slightly restored by the cancellation of O.J. Simpsons TV interview and his multi-million dollar book deal. His book was “ If I Did It.” It was reported to be a confession of the killings for which he was acquitted 10 years ago. His trial was a fiasco and a travesty of justice. If he had not been acquitted we would have had the burning of several cities because a guilty verdict would have been viewed as racial discrimination. He literally got away with murder because of who he was. He now lives in a state of arrogance and places himself above the law.
At least the media and publishers have had the good sense and moral fiber to say, enough is enough and cancel his multi-million dollar deal. I’m afraid it’s probably not the last we have heard of the affair. With O. J’s arrogance and need to make money he will pursue the deal. He will most likely be able to get a rogue publishing company out of the country to publish the book. It might even be done in Mexico and he could have illegal aliens smuggle the books across the border when they sneak under the new fence. That would be a million or so books a year, at least, and they would sell like hot potatoes on the black market and may even beat PlayStation 3 sales. They would probably go for at least 50 dollars a copy on e-bay. There are all sorts of possibilities, so we haven’t heard the last of it.
Meanwhile Tom and Katie had their honeymoon breakfast in bed. The frozen placenta of their baby was thawed and made into a soufflé.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

"and justice for all..." If there are inteligent beings in outer space they must be thinking we are not even worth picking up for scientific experiments. No brain to examine.

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