Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Television Evangelist and master of politically incorrect statements, Pat Robertson of 700 Club fame, announced last week that God had spoken to him and announced that indeed the globe is warming. “It’s all George Bush’s fault”, he told Robertson. Robertson had become suspicious that global warming was occurring because the latest satellite photos of the north pole showed the artic ice cap to be reduced to the size of an ice cube. He had also been in California for the past several days where the temperature was over 100 degrees everyday. Robertson was absolutely convinced God was speaking to him when he saw the above picture of thousands of Chinese crowding the beach at the Chinese resort of Quindao. God told Robertson “those people are desperate for a cool dip in the water, and it reminds me of how Hell is going to be.”
God also indicated to Robertson that he and Satan had been doing some long range planning and decided to go ahead and make earth into hell. He had been looking for a location in the Universe for when the end of times comes, and it seems like earth is the right place since we have been heading in that direction for a long time. Robertson in his interview also said that he is happy about the current middle east conflict which is rapidly moving us to Armageddon


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