Monday, July 17, 2006

The infant mortality stats in the US are not very good compared to other countries. We are 28th in the world. The stat really means the number of infant deaths per 1000 births. In the US it is 6.8 compared to the best which is in Finland where it is 3.78. Maybe that's the reason Brad Pitt and the girl on the right, Angelina Jolie, decided to have their baby in Nambia, a small country in south west Africa. They don't report any infant mortality figures since most of the babies are born in the bush and if they survive being eaten by a big cat they live another day to die of AIDS. Pitt and Jolie have the only recorded birth, so that country now ranks number 1. They did have an OB/Gyn physician flown over from the US to do the C-Section ( that's not fair).
Anyway, everything came out okay, but can you imagine Pitt dumped the girl in the top left photo, Jennifer Aniston, for Angelina.
More and more movie stars are getting into the OB business. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes purchased an unltasound machine so they could watch the growth of their daughter Suri. Cruise was even going to eat the placenta of the baby but sources close to the couple say he chickened out and only drank the blood from the portion of the umbilical cord attached to the placenta.
What is next in the way of Hollywood OB weirdness? Could it be that a movie star might even get married before having a child.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Well, Doc, I wouldn't get too caught up in statistics. Finland, for example, probably doesn't have a birthrate that comes high percentage-wise from meth-heads, cocaine addicts and McDonalds obese parents. This whole Hollywood mess started with Marilyn Monroe playing tiptoe-through-the-tulips with Joe Dimaggio and JFK at the same time. The progression was then to Sonny & Cher Bono giving birth to a daughter and naming her Chastity. Right.... As far as Cruise and Pitt, that is pretty much a matched set of mules. Cruise might want to look into his family tree and see if he is related to the Praying Mantis insect family. Aren't they the ones that either eat their young after birth or eat their mates? Either way I wonder how they have survived all these years? It would be great if that caught on in Hollywood. Then they could just show Bonanza re-runs at the box office. This Brad Pitt guy may be onto something. I have heard that the Matthew McWhat's-his-name movie star guy that is at all of the UT games is a bit of a strange one too. Seems he only bathes a couple of times a week and does NOT use any deoderant. Could be that is the problem with the Aniston girl and it was just more than Pitt could handle. So many beautiful people, so little time.......

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