Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The above practices have been forbidden in a Texas school district in Arlington. Thank God.
The practice on the left is known as ear gauging. This is making the pierced hole in the ear lobe bigger so you can even get your finger through it. The guy with the teeth is known as grillzing. Ornamental jewelry is capped over the teeth. It used to be just gold, now it can be anything, including diamonds. The cost for the teeth is anything from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars. That's pretty costly, but it doesn't matter since most of these folks don't have jobs anyway. They can get the cash from their usual source which is stealing or drug dealing.
I guess the next thing will be neck rings, then these productive members of society will be ornamented enough for deportation to Africa. They can also be models for National Geographic. One place they are unlikely to be found is in church and that is another good reason to go to this safe haven.


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