Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Radio host and conservative spokesman Rush Limbaugh was arrested at Palm Beach International Airport today for illegal possession of drugs and firearms. The Palm Beach County Sheriff said, "We've got the fat loud mouth this time." Limbaugh was cuffed and taken to the county jail where his attorney, Ray Black, said that he was charged with drug trafficking and possession of illegal firearms which are felony charges. Limbaugh was found to have a bottle of Vigra in his suitcase and a leather rifle case containing a Daisy BB gun. His

girl friend was quoted as saying, " I don't know why this is such a big deal, the Vigra hasn't done a thing for him like it has for some of the other guys I date, and the BB gun is a gift for a child who is a friend of the family." The Vigra was apparently obtained through the internet from one of those Spam pop up advertisements. The BB gun was traced to a Walmart store where it had been charged on Limbaugh's MasterCard. A stash of marijuana found in his suitcase was dismissed as insignificant and confiscated by the Palm Beach County Sheriff for his own personal use.

Limbaugh will be arraigned in Judge David Crow's court in Palm Beach tomorrow and bail is expected to be set at 500,000 dollars ( Monopoly money). Until then Limbaugh will be incarcerated in the Palm Beach County Jail. The sheriff was quoted as saying, " we can't let predators like this run lose on the streets of Palm Beach."


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