Thursday, August 03, 2006

Doping charges again cloud the victory of the Tour de France cycle race. Floyd Landis the 2006 winner is now accused of taking testosterone to assure victory. His final dash to overcome incredible odds and be the winner by an hour made officials suspicious. The above photo taken as he crossed the finish line also raised questions. His testosterone level was found to be ten times that found in a full-grown gorilla.When approached at his temporary residence in a French brothel, he was surround by 20 smiling women, and flatly denied the charges. The neddle used to draw his blood sample broke at the skin surface and an electric drill was necessary to obtain the specimen. Landis stated that “this is just a trumped up charge like the one against Lance Armstrong by the wimpy French losers.” He said, ‘ everyone is just jealous of us superior Americans.” He further stated that he was no more guilty than Lance Armstrong for using EPO or Barry Bond for using steroids. “ None of us did anything wrong, we were just out to win.”


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