Wednesday, July 19, 2006

At a White House news conference today, Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, announced that President Bush was happy to know that his recent off the mic comments to British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, about the Middle East using the S__t word gained so much attention. McClellan said that the president will now use it much more often rather than just in cabinet meetings and to the leaders of foreign countries.
Bush started off the conference by saying, " I wish Congress would stop this S__t about stem cell research, they know I'm going to veto the bill. Let them continue to throw those unused in vitro fertilized cells away, we are not going to allow them to use that s__t for stem cells . We don't need any stem cells to find a cure for Cancer, paralysis or neurological diseases. It's all a myth created by some of those high profile movie stars."
When asked about the slow response time for evacuating Americans from Lebanon, Bush replied that he had placed FEMA in charge of this project and he thought the response time was pretty good for those guys. He stated that the delay was okay because it gave that little s__t head machine gun mouth, Anderson Copper from CNN, something else to stutter about.
The president closed the conference by saying, "I plan to use the s__t word a lot more in the future, at least it's a word I can pronounce, unlike so many of those middle east names which are so hard to learn." The American people also need to know that I do know the difference between s__t and Shinola.


Blogger Matt said...

Other S things you might hear...
S... for brains
S... head
S... hits the fan
Oh S...
Holy S...
S... Magnet
Down the sh___ter
Full of sh__
Piece of sh__
Sh__ hole
Crock of sh__

Feel free to add your favorites to the list.


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