Monday, July 10, 2006

A reliable source from inside North Korea leaked the real reason that Kim Jong II launched a series of missiles, one with a long range capability. Not to be outdone by the Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi who is a devoted fan of Elvis Presley, Kim Jong is a devoted fan of Elton John. That's the reason he wears the funny glasses. He also wears them for correction of his severe myopia.
His myopia was recently corrected with laser surgery and when Jong removed his glasses he saw his haircut for the first time. The source, who prefers to remain anonymous for fear of being chopped into little piece, said that Jong was the victim of a joke at the hands of his barber. The barber had wanted to make Jong look like the clown which he is by sidewalling him to the mid temple level and leaving the hair on top standing straight.
When Jong realized what he really looked like he had the barber executed and totally dismembered with his body parts placed into the heads of the rockets which were already on the launch pads. He wanted this unloyal jokester to be disposed off as far from Korea as possible. His head was placed into the long range rocket bound for the US where it would hopefully land in LA or some other place where jokesters live.
In any event this is the real reason for the missile launches. It has also been reported that Jong has ordered that no Korean vessels be allowed to sail in the Sea of Japan where the barbers head now floats from the failed missile launch.


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