Saturday, July 14, 2007

The world awaits the last of the Harry Potter books, due out on July 21st. Kids are already in line at bookstores. My grandkids are all fans and have even got me addicted. I won’t be in line but will get the book as soon as the crowds thin. I have to read it immediately to stay up with the grandkids and know what they are talking about.
Adults think I am crazy for reading such trash and some at church even think it is sacrilegious. That’s okay by me, they should see some of the other stuff I read. I have a house filled with books. Reading is a passion with me. I love everything from nonficton to all types of fiction including historical novels, mystery, science fiction, fantasy and everything in between. I love many of the greats like Hemingway and Steinbeck as well as some of the not so famous and weird like Robert E. Howard. Just about every genre fills my library, from philosophy to humor. Of course, the complete works of the master adorns my shelves. That being none other than Mark Twain. His works are close to the shelves filled with religious literature.
I should throw away some of my books but it would be like murdering an old friend. I go back to them after many years of collecting dust and rekindle fond memories and great information. I am currently reading Magnificent Destiny, which I read in 1962 during the Cuba Missile Crisis. I was sick in bed waiting to be blown up by the Russians, so I escaped through a great story about two incredible Americans, Sam Houston and Andrew Jackson. We would not have the great country of the US today if it were not for those two men.
All those books in my library are sitting there with the covers restraining unbelievable stories and information. With the opening of a cover, wondrous tales of truth and fiction are unleashed. A book to me is like light to a blind person.
I really don’t need to go anywhere in my retirement. Much of the knowledge of the Universe to date is contained in my bookshelves and in cyberspace through the computer. Even the after life is revealed in my several versions of the Bible.
I am infected with a disease known as Bibliomania. This is a chronic illness that has to do with an abnormal infatuation with books and possession of books. So, welcome Harry Potter. You will have much company in my home which is as exciting as Hogwarts.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Well, Doc, I'm trying again to get to the mother ship. Once again Andy and I are in some type of Baptist purgatory as far as reaching the blog. I think the CIA may be watching us. Don't worry about reading the Harry Potter books. I have read all of them and can't wait for the new one. I don't really think they are much harder to believe than Superman or the Green Lantern myself. And as far as the violence, I have seen worse fights over the colors of choir robes at my church than in the scenes in Rowlings books. I just wish I had one of those wands....

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