Thursday, June 28, 2007

It has been a relatively uneventful week.
· Britain has a new Prime Minister. Gordon Brown is the new man and Tony Blair said goodbye. Brown is cool toward the war in Iraq and to Bush. No one likes us now. Blair was our only friend in the world.
· Apple is coming out with the iPhone that can do everything. You can make calls, send text messages, access the internet, get e-mail, watch movies, take pictures and a host of things I don’t even know about.
· Torrential rains have drenched Central Texas, but fortunately my house has remained dry. More rain is predicted and this afternoon I am going to start building an ark.
· The mummy of Queen Hatshepsut, a female pharaoh who ruled Egypt in the 15th century, was discovered. She wore pants and a fake beard. She is the role model for Hillary Clinton.
· Paris Hilton was released from jail and is going to turn over a new leaf. She has been reading the Bible but doesn’t have a favorite verse. She isn’t aware, yet, that the book consist of verses, chapters and different books. I am not real sure she can even read, but that is only a small detail for her grandiose plans.
· Last, but not least, I retire on Friday. I started practicing when Queen Hatshepsut was the ruler of Egypt. I am beginning to look and feel like the Queen, so thought it was time for me to retire. There has sure been a lot of progress in my time and it has been a fun experience. Hopefully, the blog will become more interesting with the many things I wish to explore in retirement. Surely, there is more interesting news than Paris Hilton


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

If only the rains would wash away the Hillary's and Paris Hiltons of the world...but I suppose that is not very Christian of me. Then again, I am not much into the "hands in the air" thing in churches now anyway. I never saw Billy Graham do it and he was always pretty darn good. I think the Baptists are just frustrated at not being allowed to dance and having to drink Welch's grape drink at communion rather than real wine like the Catholics. If you DO build an ark please be particular with your passengers. Although not my favorites I suppose skunks and possums are ok but please, no bankers, lawyers or movie stars.

6:53 AM  

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