Thursday, July 12, 2007

There is no safe haven. I mentioned a few days ago that the Chinese are trying to poison us with food, toothpaste and even lead based paints on children’s toys. The Chinese government in an attempt to demonstrate to us they are trying to clean up their act executed Zheng Xiaoyu, former Director of their State Food and Drug Administration. It’s a trick, they execute dozens of people like that every day. There is no retirement plan for the Chinese, they just execute their government employees when they reach retirement age. Saves on paying pensions and other benefits. Xiaoyu certainly deserved to be executed. He had approved many fake medicines and falsified documents. One antibiotic he approved is known to have produced at least 10 deaths.
We are not a lot better in this country. California is trying to polish off the rest of the nation with their E .Coli laced vegetables. They irrigate out there with fecal contaminated water. In this weeks news a farmer in Mexico was shown holding a giant mushroom he had grown. The mushroom (pictured above), weighs 41lbs. If that is one of the poisoned varieties he can terminate a whole town with that one plant.
As I mentioned a few days ago, even the hospitals aren’t safe. They have been trying to kill us with their food for years and now it has become evident that medical errors are even doing a better job at thinning the population.
These are just a few of the reasons for me to stay home in Salado. I can live off my stored fat for years. Just hope they don’t do something to our water supply.


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