Monday, July 09, 2007

Oh No!!! It’s like a recurring bad dream or a migraine headache. Cindy Sheehan is back. Just a few days ago she said she had retired from demonstrating against the war. She announced that she had gone back to California. I celebrated with a little group of warmongers from the church. They were already celebrating the defeat of the immigration bill and the veto of stem cell legislation. I know poor George Bush must have been happy.
The whole thing was very short lived. Now she is back with more trouble. She is unhappy that the Democrats have not done the job they were elected to do, namely pulling out of Iraq. She now says she is going to run for Congress from the 8th District in California to replace Nancy Pelosi if Nancy doesn’t move to impeach George Bush. Cindy has all these reasons she wants Bush impeached, including the government’s response to Katrina.
Just what we need; another idiot in Congress. She will be at home if elected.
We can all feel comfortable with someone of her keen intellect and vast knowledge of domestic and foreign affairs making decisions that govern our lives. I can see her now, visiting with Putin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. She will pull all US troops home and disband the army. All of this will be done in memory of her son who died in the service of his country. Thanks Mom!!!
She obviously loves the attention and public recognition. I would suggest the more appropriate place for her might be in a freak show in the circus.
The only thing that bothers me about Cindy is that she keeps coming back to Crawford and that is fairly close to Salado. I just hope she spends most of her time in California and Washington DC which are places accustomed to her kind.


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