Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Chinese don’t need nuclear weapons to destroy us. They are gradually subjecting us to a slow death through the poisoning of our food and the many other products sold to the US. Recently they managed to abolish a large number of our pets with tainted food. Next was the toothpaste poisoning. Today, I learned that even the toys are unsafe. 70-80 percent of the toys sold in the US are made in China. Some of them, like the Thomas & Friends wooden trains are painted with lead based paint. Lead of course is poisonous. The popular Easy Bake Oven manages to trap and bake a child’s fingers.
For many years China has been sending their smart people over here to school. They make better grades than the American kids by studying harder. That simply isn’t fair. Fortunately, they get jobs paying a lot of money and quickly become Americanized and lazy like the rest of us.
The way to defeat China is to infiltrated their country with Western Ways like, fast food, fast cars, smoking, drugs and alcohol. Rather than sending our illegal aliens back across the border, we could send them to China to help hemorrhage that budding economy. We are well on our way with the infiltration process and, hopefully, it will work if they don’t poison us to death first.
As for me, I’m staying home in Salado, buying food from the local farmers and playing with my American made toys.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

We also need to get china really involved with the free enterprise system. Once they become familiar with insider trading, Congessional bribery and corruption, all of our black markets, the Mafia and TV evangelists they won't have time to make toys anymore...........

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