Thursday, July 05, 2007

Several doctors were involved in the recent unsuccessful car bomb incident in London. It has also been reported that several Muslim doctors in the US are suspected of being terrorist and plan to use explosives to terrorize this country. Like others of this swarthy breed, their only goal in life is to destroy us infidels. Also, they really don’t care about Western Medicine and the Hippocratic Oath means nothing to them. One of the basic tenets of the oath is, “First do no harm.”
The Muslims may not be alone in their goal to destroy as much human life as possible. Surprisingly, doctors and others in the medical profession may be just as bad or worse than the Muslims. Maybe all doctors need to take the Hippocratic oath daily rather than the one time when they finish medical school. The Muslims doctors really don’t need to use explosives for mass destruction, they have a license to kill that can be used more effectively, without the risk of being arrested. The Muslims can just join their medical colleagues in committing the many medical errors that kill thousands of Americans each year.
The National Academy of Science Institute of Medicine estimates that there are between 44,000 and 98,000 deaths from medical errors in America every year. This number blows away other common causes of death. There are 43,000 deaths from auto accidents, 42,000 from breast cancer and 16,000 from AIDS each year. The number of deaths from the Iraq war pales in comparison with the massive number from medical errors. It is estimated that there are 7000 deaths in hospitals from medication errors alone.
So, why do the doctor terrorist even care about the risk associated with making bombs and getting caught, they are already outdoing all other forms of murder.
The whole process of medical errors is like a silent killer. I worked in hospitals for almost 50 years and was unaware of such appalling mayhem and slaughter going on about me.
Who can we trust anymore? We can’t eat the food or even use toothpaste safely. Even my home in Salado is not a safe haven. I’m becoming suspicious of the guy I see in the mirror.


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