Monday, January 29, 2007

This is one of the scariest pictures in my file and also one of the funniest. It is guess who, before they transitioned into their present states? No wonder Bill turned to the likes of Paula and Monica. H.R. has become better looking with years but now she is in the process of transitioning to another monster as shown yesterday.
One thing the Kennedy presidency had going for it was their good looks. I guess that's the reason they were considered royalty and it was called the Camelot years.
Maybe we should let Donald Trump run the presidential campaign like the Miss America pageant and pick the best looking. A past history of drugs and other misbehavior doesn't matter with him, so most of the candidates would be okay.
To date, the Republicans are already out since they don't have a good looking one in the bunch.
I will keep looking for scary pictures, but todays is going to be hard to top.


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