Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We are experiencing one of the longest sustained ice periods I can recall. Each year we may experience one day of ice followed by a thaw the next day. We are approaching a week of winter precipitation that started with 6 inches of rain in one day. Freezing temperatures ruined the citrus crops in California this week. Thousands are without power and there have been several deaths in Oklahoma because of the ice. Al Gore needs to be in Central Texas this week to experience the global warming.
A man stranded at the Waco airport, because planes were unable to fly, due to the weather was interviewed on TV. He said if he is unable to fly because of the weather, then it is Gods will that he stay home. The weatherman then came on and said the weather conditions are due to the El Nino effect.
What is El Nino anyway? Maybe El Nino and God are the same. The encyclopedia says El Nino is an oscillation of the ocean-atmosphere systems which profoundly effects the weather. Somehow the surface temperature in the Pacific alters the wind patterns and we have droughts, hurricanes, ice storms etc., etc. This is a scientific explanation for the harsh weather patterns. I am able to accept the El Nino phenomenon, but what I want to know is who or what controls El Nino. The man at the airport may sound stupid but he may be right. There is no scientific proof that there is a God but on the other hand there is no scientific that there is no God. For now, faith will have to bridge the gap and I am staying home by the fire.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

How in the wide world of sports did THIS one slip by you? The cool weather has just numbed your senses a bit. We all know that George Bush has strong Hispanic ties and has proven so politically. "El Nino" is obviously another phenomenon that has been caused by George Bush. He owns huge oil and gas interests and if the media will just do their homework they will find that he probably owns interests in wrecker services, body repair shops and Duracell, not to mention bottled water companies. A loving God would never cause the kind of weather we have had lately but George Bush would stop at nothing....

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