Sunday, January 14, 2007

Here is a pictures of Bill Cowher head coach of the Steelers in an unhappy mood.. It is a typical picture of a coach. Bill Parcell looks even worse. It’s got to be a tough job. No telling what the Temple couch looks like most of the time. Always chewing out players and referees is enough to give you an unhappy look. . They are always mad when they lose and if they win they get a bucket of water thrown on their back, which can’t make anyone happy. Even my hero Tom Landry never smiled a great deal.
It can’t be very pleasant working with a bunch of drug-crazed felons and cowing down to owners like Jerry Jones. Coaches can’t like the sport of football. They must be masochist at heart. I know they make a good living but it must gall them to have higher paid, undisciplined, idiots like T.O. working under you.
Their only saving grace is that the season is almost over and they can have a few months to recover or look for another job. As for me, I get a kick out of just watching the faces of coaches and news commentators.


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