Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is this picture scary or what? Much that I hear about Obama is scary. Some are claiming he was schooled as a radical Muslim when he was a child in Indonesia. He has been opposed to the war in Iraq from the beginning, which may not be bad, but could it also mean he is protecting his Muslim buddies. A frightening scenario is that he favors a pull out in Iraq so that Iran may eventually take over the entire area and be in a great position to eradicate Israel at the last great war on the planet Earth. In that case he could even be the Antichrist.
All this is wild speculation, but not as frightening as seeing him buddy up with Ted Kennedy. Today Obama came out supporting universal health care. This will be great for the 47 million without healthcare but my fear is that it could lead us to a VA type care which is less that satisfactory for everyone. Kennedy is teaching him all his old tricks that may include advice on handling women and driving over bridges. Since Kerry is now out of the race, Kennedy will be totally behind Obama which may be the best hope of spelling his downfall. I don’t know that this will be any better than the alternative, which is H.R. Clinton.
Boy, am I getting depressed while writing this blog. I make take up coaching or painting ugly hospitals


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

This has to be heartwarming if you are a Democrat, Doc. Just imagine, the choice between Obama and H.R. Clinton is like giving a teenager the choice between liver and onions and eggplant on toast...
One thing can be assured, whichever of these pilgrims win, Kennedy will have his lips stuck to their rear-end like dried gum on a park bench.

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