Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let’s get on with what is really important. First things first, I always say. Enough of hearing about the Iraq war, the need for more troops, Democrats disagreeing with everything President Bush recommends, and the flood of new bills by the Democrats such as raising the minimum wage. These are of secondary importance when it comes time for the football playoffs and the rush to the Super Bowl.
The news today contained a story about an upcoming wedding in New Orleans this weekend, which occurs at the same time as the playoff game between the Saints and Eagles. Several of the guests, who have tickets, announced that they will not be attending the wedding. Two bridesmaids and a groomsman said they will be at the wedding but a television will be installed so they will not miss any of the action in the game. I can see it now, just as the vows are being exchanged it will be 4th and one on the twenty. The Saints will go for it, to get a much-needed touchdown, and the minister will call a time out at the wedding.
It’s always interesting to me each year how all the action in the US stops during the Super Bowl. The emergency rooms, which are usually booming on the weekend come to a halt. I’m sure if you looked at the stats, the number of accidents and murders will go down during this time. Maybe it will be a break for New Orleans, which has become the murder capitol of the country in the past few months. Hopefully, no one will be killed this weekend during the playoff game. It the Saints win it may be a real godsend for the city of New Orleans and the killing will stop until after the season is over. God forbid if the Såints lose.
I have attended some pretty bizarre weddings in recent times and with the Cowboys biting the dirt I have sworn off weddings and football. I will be content to stay home and keep up on the Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump feud, after all that is important stuff.


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Go Saints! Poor Romo.

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