Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It was interesting watching the State of the Union address last night on TV. I did more watching than listening. It was amusing to read about the event today. It seems that the news commentators were also doing more watching than listening..
For example, it was noted that Nancy Pelosi blinked her eyes approximately 30 – 40 times per minute compared to Chaney’s 3-4 blinks per minute. That is understandable about Chaney since he is running on reduced power anyway. Maybe Pelosi is on drugs as I have suspected all along. Photos show that John McCain didn’t blink his eyes at all since he was asleep and they were closed.
The other amusing thing to observe was the sea-saw activity of Chaney and Pelosi as they stood and sat during the President’s speech. It was up and down but at different times for these two. The same could be seen with the audience between the Republicans and Democrats. I was wondering if these folks represent the same country. They can’t seem to agree on anything. Of course the Supreme Court Judges just sat there not standing or applauding for anything. They are suppose to be impartial but didn’t even stand to recognize what the troops do for us or to express appreciation to the poor man who risk his live by jumping on another person to keep the New York subway from making hamburger of his body.
One thing I am very happy about is that I am not President. That would be even worse than being a coach. It must be far worse dealing with a bunch of ego maniac politicians than a team of drug crazed felons on Sunday afternoon.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

After most state of the union addresses I always think the same thing about those people. They could really care less about the war in Iraq or the war anywhere else. All that REALLY matters to them is where their next check for bribes, graft, corruption or lobby goodies comes from. If that check means more troops in Iraq they will be sending a million of us over there. They would even send you and me if it meant fattening their wallet.......

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