Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lauren Nelson is the new Miss America. As for me, I think she would make a great presidential candidate for 08. She certainly has the looks and is probably smarter than the others in the field. I wish the Republicans would try and sign her up, they sure need someone who looks good.
She also brought to mind a way that we may better determine the next president. The election is always so close and controversial we probably should abandon leaving it to the people or the Supreme Court. Why not select the president like the American Idol. That seems to be pretty popular now days. We could have a panel of three judges. To allow diversity, I would suggest Jesse Jackson, Rush Limbaugh and Drew Carey. Drew claims to be a neutral fellow who could provide a balance for the other two and he runs a show that plays out various scenarios. The candidate could be ask to respond to a scenario of how they would end the war in Iraq or how they would provide universal health care. The whole thing could be televised and it would be fun for everyone to watch. Why not make a circus out of the whole process because that is what it seems to be anyway?
As for me, Miss Oklahoma has my vote for now.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I think this is a GREAT idea that you have come up with. I don't really watch American Idol but apparently I am only one of a handful of Americans that does not. More people watch that show and Dancing with the Stars than have voted in the last 10 elections combined. People are tired of chatter and debates and campaign promises and mud-slinging. What the American people want to see is some singing or dancing. Maybe a little cat juggling or gymnastics to go along with all of the politics. At the end of a few weeks we could all phone/text message/email our choice and for once the TRUE popular vote will win and we can get rid of all the blue state/red state deal. Mark Twain would love it!

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