Monday, December 04, 2006

Hugo Chavez claims victory in the recent Venezuelan presidential election with 61% of the votes. Chavez is the new Castro. Venezuela is well on its way to a Cuban type dictatorship. South America is definitely tilting to the left. Teddy Roosevelt must be turning over in his grave. Venezuela will make a pretty good launch site for some of the world’s mad men, who are part of the axis of evil, to fire nuclear warheads at us.
While all of this goes on under our nose we are mired in a no win war in Iraq. The other alarming news is that Putin is returning to Stalin style tactics to protect his turf in Russia. Poisoning your enemies is a return to the old ways of the Soviet Union.
With all this bad stuff going on in the rest of the world we are busy at home building ugly hospitals. All we need is for Hillary to become president to ensure complete destruction of the planet. My greatest hope is that in the after life there will be no ugly hospitals. In heaven, if there are ugly hospitals along with mad men and terrorists with their beds full of virgins, I am checking out and going to live with Mark Twain and Huck Finn. Heaven for climate, Hell for company.


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