Thursday, October 26, 2006

Glenn Beck is an interesting TV host. He is about the only conservative person allowed near CNN or any TV network. Have been listening to him when I have the chance. He is a little hyper with his delivery on TV but what he has to say is usually pretty good.
Last night he talked about how our American culture is in great danger of dying. I can already see this happening. What we value today is much different than when I was a child. History and other material which even my children were taught is presented in a much different way to my grandkids. George Washington and the cherry tree, pilgrims, apple pie, church, etc. are much less important today. I suspect that the Smithsonian will not even exist 50 years from now and certainly no one will care about the Bell County Museum.
It has been determined that for a culture to maintain itself each family should have on an average of 2.5 children. It is far below that in Japan and several other countries where the culture is rapidly disappearing. The US is above the 2.5, but unfortunately it isn’t with those who value the American culture. The growth in the US is in the Hispanic population and the American culture will be gradually replaced by the Hispanic culture. Mexico will eventually defeat us without firing a shot.
There are also probably less gays and cell phones in the Mexican population and they are not bothered by the infertility problem.
The president of Iran recognizes these facts and has encouraged increasing the birth rate. Americans need to get busy but we are probably too late because the trend now is for same sex marriages and the use of cell phones.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

And I thought I was the only person in Bell County that listens to Glenn Beck! You are so right, unfortunately with what you say about us as a country. I have a grandaughter who is a freshman in high school. Accurate history is not being taught to any of our students. The Goliad massacre, the holocaust, the Bataan Death March, the events leading up to Nagasaki and Hiroshima and so many other things are never mentioned or if they are the discussion is in a negative light. Our textbooks now are filled with our history of a "slave trade nation" and "warmongers" who butt into other countries problems. Bet the folks in Europe are glad we "butted in".

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