Monday, August 14, 2006

Last week it was discovered that several children fathered by the same sperm donor have genetic defects. This was discovered through a Donor Sibling Registry when mothers started inquiring why their children might be autistic and have other developmental problems. Several have been traced to a single sperm donor simple labeled as 3066 and came from a California Cryobank based in Los Angeles.
It’s sad, but what are they to expect if their child looks like the baby pictured above. Who would you think donates sperm and for what reason? You just don’t see many Nobel Prize winners are Olympic Gold Medallist donating their sperms. It’s usually done by bums who need the money and may be harboring every germ and genetic defect known to science. One mother said, “I’m ready to sue, because my kid has an extra eye in the middle of his forehead.” Another was reported to have been upset because her child had a pig’s snout and she claimed it was because the sperm had been altered by global warning and it was all George Bush’s fault.
Maybe we could take a few lessons from horse breeders. They pick the best thoroughbreds for breeding and pay big bucks. Are horses that much better than humans? Maybe I shouldn’t have ask that last question. Just remember what Mark Twain said about a relative of the horse, the jackass. “Concerning the difference between man and the jackass; some observers hold that there isn’t any, but this wrongs the jackass.”


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