Wednesday, January 30, 2008

There was a lot in the news today. Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards withdrew from the presidential race after disappointing losses in Florida. John Edwards was more hurt after his big loss in South Carolina. These were the folks who gave him such great support in the past, but now blood is thicker than water, and Edwards lost on the basis of race. Giuliani is expected to throw his support to McCain. Edwards hasn’t said who he will support but the important endorsement of today is that Hulk Hogan has come out for Obama.

Obama claimed today that Hillary is a very divisive person who is creating great partisan divisions and is too polarizing. Is that the pot calling the kettle black or the kettle calling the pot white, or whatever in this case. South Carolina wasn’t polarizing was it? It set the stage for a black vs. white race. Hillary won big in Florida but the vote didn’t count, so we will have to wait until next Tuesday to see who the winner is for the Democrats. Let’s see how many Whites and Hispanics and how many Blacks vote. Maybe I had better wait for the polls to make a prediction.

Another issue on which Obama criticized Hillary is her position on national security. He said she is siding with the Republicans on this one. The Republicans have sure done a bad job on homeland security. Look how many homeland attacks we have had since 9/11. We need to scrap all that homeland security stuff; it’s too expensive and sure makes boarding an airplane tougher. We need a few more planes to explode. Air travel is becoming too crowded so maybe this will thin things out. Decreasing customer service and increasing lost luggage didn’t help. Increasing fuel and ticket prices didn’t work either; so, bring on the terrorist. Go Obama!!

Elsewhere in more important news, Madonna was recognized as the richest woman in the music business. She made a cool 72 million last year. Number two was Barbara Streisand at 50 million and third was Celine Dion at 45 million. Guess who was number 14 with a mere 8 million? Yes, none other than my very own favorite Britney Spears.

Where did I go wrong? I should have been a medical malpractice attorney like John Edwards or a singer like Madonna. I could have run for president and have been a multimillionaire. But no, all I can do is sit on the porch and wait for my Social Security check each month. I must admit, it’s comfortable on the porch. I wish I had been smart enough to qualify for a government check a long time ago.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Well, there you go, Doc. You have hit on our national problem like a giant bullseye. If the brain trust of Madonna, Streisand, Dion and super-mother Spears can take in a combined $175 million then why in the wide world of sports would any decent, intelligent, successful person want to run for president? Even the average congressman or senator makes about as much as Britney Spears when you add in all the bribes, gifts, etc. Why run for president and make almost minimum wage? Maybe that's why Uncle Ted has stayed in the Senate for over 50 years.........
also why we have the four spectacular candidates left to choose from.

6:36 AM  

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