Friday, January 11, 2008

The above picture is worth a million words. We are about to elect a president who doesn’t salute the flag or say the Pledge of Allegiance. He will be the Commander-in- Chief of our Armed Forces. Why worry about Osam bin Laden? His cousin Obama will be our leader. Obama talks about the need for change. I fear the change he really means is surrender.

A few months ago we visited the Clinton Library. There were a large number of blacks visiting the library. It was an encouraging sight, because it is unusual to see more than a handful of blacks visiting an historic site. It would be interesting to visit the Clinton Library today. The black folks have all probably abandoned the premises to show their support for Obama. Blood is thicker than water. The Christian Fundamentalist are throwing their support to Huckabee, the women to Hillary, the Mormons to Romney, the trial lawyers to Edwards, and so on. Who is an American first?

One of my New Years Resolutions was to keep the blog free from political comment. Like my other resolutions, that one bit the dust. It’s like keeping an ice cream cone away from a kid. It’s too inviting a morsel. It’s great material for just poking fun. My liberal friends think I am a conservative and my conservative friends think I am a liberal. They are both right.

I have always liked the American flag and the Bible. I have purchased a copy of the Koran for the porch because it may be required reading in the future. I’m not going to pick up a book of Mormon until after the Michigan primaries. Of course, I will continue to read Hints from Heloise in the event Hillary continues to make a comeback. The stack of reading material on the porch is getting higher every day.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Well, I don't know about you, Doc, but I'm more or less looking forward to the Obama regime. The Bible has gotten sort of boring since reading about the Arc, feeding the masses with a basket of fish sticks, 666, Doubting Thomas, etc. etc. The Koran will be some new reading, like waiting for the last Harry Potter book.

I also look forward to seeing people have their heads hacked off or having limbs removed for parking in handicapped spaces, etc. Most of all I am anxious to get to wear one of those headbonnets that those cats wear. I have always fancied myself in one of those red and white checked ones that look like the Pizza Hut tablecloths. And who knows, the deal with the 72 virgins can't be bad...........

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