Monday, January 14, 2008

I’m thinking about going into politics. I’m learning to flip-flop on issues. A few days ago I showed a picture on the blog of Obama not saluting the flag. I then learned that this might be a mistake because no one is stupid enough to not salute the flag if they are running for office. Now I learn the photo is authentic. I even saw a video clip. Apparently they are not saying the pledge but singing the National Anthem. I have always thought you were suppose to salute the flag during the National Anthem and I’m not even running for office. So I have really learned to do some flip-flops on this issue. I think I’m getting the hang of what you have to do to be a politician.

The position assumed by Obama on the flag photo is interesting. He is standing holding his hand over his private parts. This is a very old, natural instinct of man that started in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were running around naked until she sinned by eating the apple. They immediately became modest and covered their private parts. Adam then had to buy gifts for Eve, and make her all sort of promises including marriage before she would again reveal her nakedness to him. It became one of the great challenges of mankind and can even be more difficult than running for president. Women make the quest even more challenging by the clothes they wear. Island natives and primitive tribes, who haven’t read the Bible, apparently aren’t ashamed, so they frequently run around naked. Anyway, the picture at least proves Obama is civilized.

As another flip-flop, I am also reconsidering my position on Obama. After all, he is now being backed by Oprah. Who would dare dispute Oprah and all the other stars now supporting Obama. I always do a run down of the stars to see who they support before I cast my vote. I sure hope Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are Obama fans. I saw Chuck Norris standing by Huckabee which gives me a lot of confidence in that candidate but Chuck just doesn’t have the star power of an Oprah.

I now have a flag on the porch so I can practice the proper salute in case I do decide to enter politics. I’m getting so good at the flip-flop, I really think I am a natural.


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