Monday, January 21, 2008

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Every time that day rolls around or November 22 the day Kennedy was assassinated, I am reminded of conspiracy theories. Today is not the day of King’s assassination, but just a day to celebrate his life. It still makes me think his death may have been part of a great conspiracy that actual was designed to promote the cause of Civil Rights. He became a martyr and hero, which accelerated integration. Of course, some believe that J. Edgar Hoover had him killed along with several others. It is hard to believe that a punk, petty crook like James Earl Ray could do such a thing alone. It’s also hard to believe that a guy like Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone to kill Kennedy.

There are many who believe that major events are part of a great conspiracy. They believe there is a secret group of powerful people who get together and manipulate everything. Taylor Caldwell wrote a great book several years ago that was made into a TV miniseries called Captains and Kings. It’s the story of an Irish immigrant boy who grows up to be extremely wealthy and powerful. He becomes part of this secret group of guys who are the wealthiest and most powerful in the world. They control presidential elections and everything. The Irishman wants his son to be elected President of the United States, but the son is assassinated when he is about to win the election. The other men in the conspiracy group didn’t want the son as president because he was an independent thinker and maverick who would not be under their control.

There are many other conspiracy theories such as the New World Order, which is a group of people who seek to rule the world with a one government order. The AntiChrist may be part of this group. The events in the Middle East and the alliance between Iran and Russia may also be part of this theory.

Other major events are also suspect of being part of a conspiracy such as: Marilyn Monroe’s death; the Bobby Kennedy assassination; the John Lennon killing; the Oklahoma City bombing; the Apollo moon landing; UFO’s; and the Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Bill Clinton affairs. Hillary claims there is a great Right Wing Conspiracy.

I don’t know if any of these conspiracy theories are correct but it’s sure fun to read about them and the documentaries about them on TV are about the only interesting thing to watch. Some evil group must be behind the fall in the Stock Market. They are trying to get me off the porch and back to work.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

As usual you are far ahead of the learning curve on this deal, Doc. I believe that this time will go down in history as the Conspiracy Age. Almost overnight it has become unheard of to enjoy a pot of fried squirrel and gravy because of theories of choesterol and heart disease. I am convinced that PETA and environmental groups are behind it. Tree huggers are, I believe, behind that attack on Christmas for the simple reason that they don't want us cutting trees to put in our homes for a few weeks only to be discarded for kids to make bonfires with.

It gets even more serious. It has come to the point when even water supposedly causes cancer and the majority of our children must be given some type of drug so that they can pay attention in class. But with all of the research not one major disease has been cured in over 50 years. I am of the opinion that George Bush's family is behind it. I am sure that his grandfather was a heavy investor in Upjohn or Squibb and we are all left to suffer for it. Captains and Kings may be right on........

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