Monday, September 17, 2007

Have been traveling lately getting some great material for the blog. I love history and have revisited some of my favorite sites including many in the Washington DC area. The Viet Nam, Korean War, World War II and FDR Memorials were all new since we lived in Washington over 35 years ago. Revisited Gettysburg but this time got a personal guided tour of the battlefield which was great. Also, loved revisiting Andrew Jackson’s home; the Hermitage.
None of the areas I have visited is the most popular tourist site in America today. I read in the news today that one of the most popular tourist attractions is the restroom stall in the Minneapolis Airport where Senator Craig was recently nailed in the homosexual sting operation. People are apparently visiting there in droves and taking pictures of the famous stall. If you are visiting Minneapolis, it’s about the only thing to see other than the statue of Mary Tyler Moore. They do have a zoo, but you can only go there a couple of days out of the year because of the weather. The collapsed bridge is another attraction but it’s hard to get to because the road is closed and boat service is limited to cleanup operations.
As for me, I’m staying away from Minneapolis and restrooms stalls. I especially enjoyed visiting President Eisenhower’s farm home at Gettysburg. His favorite place in the world was his closed-in porch at the farm. He entertained some famous folks there, including Winston Churchill. I have never had anyone like that on my porch, but like Eisenhower I sure enjoy the solitude of the place. So far, it’s the best place I have seen in my travels.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Just think if O.J. and his crowd were to set up a booth in that restroom to sell stolen sports memoribilia....CNN and FOX would be there 24 hours a day. What a country.

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