Sunday, September 09, 2007

The media and others make fun of President Bush’s speeches. Bush looks great compared to Osama bin Laden. Have you heard the tape of his latest ramblings? How did he get to be a leader? Most elementary school kids could do better. The only thing he said which had any appeal to me was about taxes being insane. I can buy that one.
Osama looked like a mannequin. I’m not sure it was a real person talking. Those people could use some help with their technology. The TV image was one like I used to see when I was a kid. All us poor folks, in our small town, crowded around the TV on display at the local furniture store to see wrestling and good stuff like that. The images of Osama reminded me of those pictures.
At least Osama may have found the Fountain of Youth. It must be in Afghanistan rather than Florida. His beard had turned totally black. I guess he could be using some of that dye advertised on TV by those two announcers. All you can see of them is this incredibly black beard. Looks like they just painted their faces with shoe polish. The big black beard is all I could really make out about Osama’s features. I guess the Muslim virgins must think that is sexy. It looked kind of funny to me.
They say Christians, Jews, and Muslims have the same God. I don’t think so. I know that Osama and his bunch bow multiple times a day facing the East to pray to their God. I have a front and back porch at my home in Salado. The porches give me a view in most directions and I believe God hears me from any direction. Also, my thoughts about admission to the hereafter are based on a book, which says nothing about killing infidels as a requirement. It talks more about love and peace. Osama wanted us to convert to Islam. For now I’m very content with the way I believe and for my cathedral on the porch.
I am going to the store and get me some of that stuff those TV announcers use and that is probably the secret to Osam’a beard. My hair is almost white and could use some darkening. I don’t think I will use such a heavy application as Osama or the TV guys; the grandkids might laugh when they visit me on the porch.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I know everybody thinks this guy is really something but not to me. If he was really a top-notch evil doer he would be mentioned in the book of Revelation and I don'teven find a sniff of him. Sort of like some of the hot shot evangelists making the circuit now. If they were really something to shout about their resume would include saying the opening prayer at the Super Bowl. Or do they still allow that? I haven't watched in several years so I may be out of touch........

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