Saturday, September 08, 2007

Poor President Bush is becoming more addled all the time. Some of his recent problem may be jet lag. He has been flying around the world and is currently in Australia attending a meeting of APEC. This is the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and consist of 21 leaders from the super powers. President Bush addressed them and called them OPEC, which is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. We are not even a member of that organization. OPEC is a group of 12 swarthies who hold us up with oil and APEC is a group of gluttons who consume it all. After Bush erroneously referred to APEC as OPEC he then made reference to the Austrian troops who are fighting with us rather than correctly saying the Australian troops. After his botched remarks were completed, he tried to exit the stage on the wrong side in a state of confusion. The comedians and Democrats are going to love this. I know Bush will be happy when his term is over, he can go to Crawford and hide under the sheets. His statement was probably some sort of Freudian slip when he referred to OPEC. The main thing on his mind is protecting our access to oil rather than talking about global warming.
I’m not sure much is going to come from the APEC meeting. They have given a strong statement about global warming and greenhouse gases. They said, “the world needs to slow, stop and then reverse the growth of global greenhouse gas emission.” It’s a great statement, but lacks teeth for implementation. It’s like folks attending church or praying to Allah. As soon as the service or prayer is over they are back doing their mean things to each other, like killing, stealing, adultery and the like.
Any action from APEC will probably make very little difference. It’s too late and we are hopelessly addicted to fossil fuels. So much of the global warming issue may be a myth and is more of a political football. Global warming is due to the increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Man’s contribution to the levels of CO2 are only a small part of the equation. Water vapor is the biggest contributor. Methane is one of the major greenhouse gases. The excretions from a single cow, plus the contents of my ostomy bag are bigger offenders for the noxious gases than my car. The increase in CO2 is also, very likely a cyclic phenomenon and has been seen in the past. An interesting thing is that apparently the atmospheric temperature has not increased. The problem is more related to solar activity than anything else. There is scientific evidence to support the fact that increased CO2 levels may in fact promote plant growth, so we may not become a desert planet after all. We are exhausting our supply of fossil fuels and our dependence on this energy source needs to stop for this reason as much as the question of global warming. The world is going to stop unless something else is developed to power us, other than oil.
Anyway, on the porch here in Salado, I have noticed a few pecans beginning to fall from my tree, which is a hint that the seasons are about to change and we may in fact have another winter. I wish I had one of those polar bears, who are threatened with extinction. I would take good care of him. He could stay in my back yard and chase away some of the pesky deer who are eating all my plants.


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