Thursday, September 06, 2007

The ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes is said to have roamed the streets, carrying a lantern, in search of an honest man. He never found one. If a modern Diogenes went in search of a normal child he would have the same problem as with the honest man. There are none. At least that’s the way medicine seems to look at it.
Half the kids in school are labeled with ADD/ADHD, which means attention deficit hyperactive disorder. So many are on Ritalin, it would be more convenient for everyone if the drug could be dispensed from vending machines.
A recent study shows a huge increase in cases of bipolar disorder or manic depression. The study showed there has been a 40 fold increase in the disorder. The drug companies are going to love this.
Everyday there is new study showing an increase in some medical or psychiatric disorder. For some time now we have been hearing about the obesity epidemic and the increasing incidence of diabetes. TV is always showing fat kids waddling around the playground or in the cafeteria line.
The few kids left are threatened with all sorts of deadly problems that will eliminate them from the planet. Junk food is one of the biggest problems. The Chinese are also doing their best to polish kids off with lead paint and other lethal things associated with toys.
A study this week revealed that fumes from microwave popcorn with butter flavor can injure your lungs. What’s next? Put a Popsicle in your mouth and you explode.
Huck Finn was very lucky in many ways. He may have been the last normal boy. Even though he was unwashed and underfed he had many advantages. There were very few doctors doing studies, so they could get more grant money for more studies, in order to make a living. Huck had a pure heart and was one of the most independent individuals who ever lived. He didn’t have to adhere to the rigorous schedules most kids do today. He was not subjected to all the external stimuli found in today’s world. No wonder today’s kids are nervous and going crazy; their nervous systems are continually agitated by TV violence and Nintendo games. The star they admire most in a movie is an explosion.
It would be great if kids were allowed a little Huck Finn time in their busy schedules.
I think my grandchildren are pretty normal and of course very special. I just wish they could stay on the porch with me so I could protect them. I would give them good food and not let them eat the paint off their toys. They wouldn’t inhale the fumes from the microwave popcorn. We would keep the TV to a minimum and there would be a lot of outdoor activity that I could observe from the porch so I could protect them from the grasp of a child molester. Of greatest importance, I would keep them away from doctors who might want them entered into study. A study might find out they were being bored to death.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

What a coincedence...I have a friend who was thought to have ADD at one time in his younger days. The school folks seemed convinced that was his problem. But when his mother was confronted by them with their diagnosis she calmly replied to them "Don't worry, he won't have it when he comes to school tomorrow!" As the story goes he was cured of ADD in less than 24 hours........

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