Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another senator bites the dust and joins the long list of politicians and celebrities who are perverts or highly dysfunctional. Republican Senator Larry Craig of Idaho was charged with lewd conduct in an airport restroom. He is now saying he did nothing wrong. Next he will be entering rehab and will have found Jesus.
The Senator was accused of soliciting sex. He now says, it was nothing. Republicans don’t do such things. He was peaking into an adjacent restroom stall, placing his foot against the person in the adjoining stall and putting his hand under the partition. He claims he was trying to get a piece of paper. That seems a little strange to me, especially since it was in the male restroom. The behavior is probably okay for a politician because most of them now condone homosexuality. It’s the politically correct thing to do. So what’s wrong with a little hanky panky in the restroom? It’s certainly something I would have expected from either Bill or Hillary Clinton; both, of course in a female restroom.
At the other end of the spectrum, celebrity heterosexuals were also in the news, airing some of their antics. Former astronaut, Lisa Novak was back in court saying she was temporarily insane when she tried to kidnap and assault a woman who had stolen her fellow astronaut lover. Lisa was dressed in diapers, a wig and trench coat when she pepper sprayed her victim. I would sure buy insanity on that one.
Even the Boy Scouts were in the news this week. Former victims of sexual abuse are coming forth claiming, when they were scouts, they had been molested by their leaders. The poor scouts are under fire about everything. They can’t have trust in God as part of their oath and they refuse to let girls into the organization.
There were no pervert priests in the news this week. There are no more priests left to accuse and the Catholic Church is out of money, so there is no story for the news media.
I guess, at my age, I’m fairly safe from all this stuff. My life, on the porch in Salado, is pretty sheltered. Except for the news I have no contact with these weird ones; however, I have noticed the deer in the back yard doing some fairly strange things. There are about 5 bucks who always hangout together and pay little attention to the good looking does. I thought the human was the only species in the animal kingdom that tolerated homosexuals. I may need to call the game warden.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Isn't this the living end, Doc? Happy Retirement! Now you have all the time you need to enjoy the scum that makes up our entertainment world as well as our leadership. And we wonder "why do our young people act the way they do?" The sad thing is that Senator Craig will get off with nothing more than a censure and a little bad press. His job will be secure as will his vulgar fixed pension that we will all fund.

I hope that I don't find out that I am gay. When I am in public restrooms I don't touch anything and even flush the toilets with my feet. Hopefully someone won't mistake that as some lewd dance and have me arrested for acting gay. That would kill my granddaughter............

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