Thursday, September 13, 2007

Women are now doing many of the jobs once done only by men. If you look at TV news reporters, many of these are young, cute, blond females speaking very rapidly. They cover sports, weather, war and everything in between. Many other jobs are now performed by women. In medicine, over half of the students in medical schools are females. It’s great that women are now doing these jobs because there just aren’t enough males.
Where are all the males? If you have done any traveling recently the answer is readily apparent. They are all driving trucks. The interstate highways are a solid line of trucks. Most of these drivers are crazy. They are driving over the speed limit, tailgating and pushing the little guys off the road. It’s scary being out there with them. I’m thankful women haven’t taken over the trucking jobs, much of the population would be eliminated within a week. It would be worse than the war in Iraq.
With the expansion of the trucking industry there will undoubtedly be a shortage of males for the driving positions and women and children will have to fill the gap. The whole thing doesn’t look good for the tourist or other automobile travelers. Truckers were once known as the knights of the highway. They have gone to the dark side and are now the menace of the roads.
Even though my porch is over a mile from I 35 I can hear the constant hum of the trucks. There is no escaping the menace but I guess it is a necessary evil of our modern world.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Ain't it the truth, Doc? Besides the wight of the trailers they are pulling, the cabs on those things now look like one bedroom condominiums. They'll get within inches of a Chevy Nova going 85 miles an hour and wonder why accidents occur. If you check some web sites about how many senseless accidents these idiots cause every year you will make sure that you stay on your porch and have pizza delivered........

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