Sunday, September 02, 2007

The big item in the news this past week was the sex sting operation in a Minneapolis airport resulting in the arrest of Idaho Senator Larry Craig. This led to the Senator’s resignation. His resigning was probably the best thing for the Republican Party. It will save them from a long drawn out hearing on the matter.
What impressed me about the whole thing was the sting operation itself. I have heard of some bad jobs but to be a policeman sitting in a stall waiting for some weirdo to proposition you for a homosexual affair tops the list. That has to be one of the worse jobs around.
The above picture of armpit smellers is a pretty bad job. I guess these folks must work for a deodorant company and are testing out the product. The cop’s job has got to be even worse.
As a radiologist, I enjoyed my job through the years. There were a few unpleasant aspects such as doing barium enemas. Gastroenterologist have a similar task of placing tubes in rectums all day. These jobs, if taken out of context, are a little perverted and gross, but the cop has us beat.
I’m going to watch myself in restrooms more closely. I have an ostomy bag and have to visit stalls fairly frequently. Just this weekend we were in a nice restaurant where I visited the restroom. Luckily there was only one stall and I was the only one in the restroom. The toilet paper holder was one of those modern, fancy kind which has an open end on the spool holder. As I extracted a piece of tissue the whole roll came off the spool, hit the floor and headed under the partition. I grabbed for it. As my hand went under the partition, I thought of Senator Craig and prayed no one else had entered the room to think I was soliciting sex. I was lucky. I was still alone. I got out of there as quickly as possible because I thought there might be a hidden camera somewhere. I explained everything to my wife who knows I am harmless and not a homosexual or even a dirty old man.
That’s one of the nice things about the porch in Salado, there are no police stings and no weirdos. I am still a little worried if there might have been a camera in the restroom and after reviewing it the owners may notify the police who will send a swat team to surround the porch. So far everything has been quiet as usual.


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Isn't Craig something special? On Labor Day I was visiting with a cowboy from Moody after a 4-H meeting. His take was "This guy has more money than God, he spends his money and our money then more of our money. If he wanted a gay friend he could rent a suite at the nicest hotel in Washington and have his friend come in the back door under armed escort but he goes to an airport. And we all wonder what's wrong with our country?" Couldn't have said it better. What next?

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