Tuesday, June 12, 2007

President George W. Bush has decided to move to Albania. It’s the only country left in the world that loves him or America. Bush was welcomed to Albania a few days ago like he was a rock star. They were waving banners and praising him. Those people love Democracy. People from Kosova also flood into Albania because they love Democracy.
Albania is a small country with Greece as it’s southern border. It has the Adriatic Sea as it’s west coast and the heel of Italy is directly across the water. If Italy flexed it’s leg the heel would kick Albania in the stomach. Since Albania is the only place where President Bush is praised he has decided to move there and let the terrorist take over Iraq and the US.
Bush has been doing his best to make people love him. At the G8 conference he even gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel a neck massage. I hope their relationship goes no further than the massage. He sure doesn’t need another Monica Lewinsky situation on top of Iraq and all his other problems. Angela just isn’t worth it. .He probably should have given Vladimir Putin the neck massage rather than anger him with the missile shield proposal. It would be nice if he gave Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid a neck massage with a noose.
As for me, I’m still trying to locate Albania on the map. It is a very small place and hard to see on my globe. I’m sure glad they like us. I may even visit someday, I would like to see what is in the heel of Italy which is only a short distance across the water.


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