Sunday, March 11, 2007

Like Rip Van Winkle, the blog has been asleep for several days. The blog changed with a new registration requirement and it has been blocked by the KGB of S&W. The extra hassle almost made me abandon the effort. All this doesn’t matter because I enjoy writing it, even if it is just for myself.
While the blog was asleep much happened in the world. Very important events occurred like the burial of Anna Nicole Smith and the firing of the diaper wearing, lover astronaut. Because Anna Nicole was worshiped by so many, I have been awaiting her resurrection.
President Bush has gone to South America and they seem to love him down there as much as we do in the US. Chevez of Venezuela appears to be his biggest fan. Suicide bombers are still blowing up large numbers of people and buildings in Iraq. Looks like all the buildings would be destroyed by now. I think we have found the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and it turns out to be the people themselves
The Democrats are still bad mouthing the Republicans and the Republicans are doing the same. Are any of these people really Americans and have the best interest of the country at heart? None seem to have my best interest at heart.
The academy awards happened and not much I cared about won. As a matter of fact there were very few movies I cared any thing about this year. That’s sad news coming from a movie buff like me.
Like Rip Van Winkle, I think the best idea is just to go back to sleep. There is no intelligent life on the planet and the news is certainly not noteworthy.


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