Thursday, February 08, 2007

The press is having a field day with the activities of this week. The love triangle with attempted murder and kidnapping by the astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak was enough to keep all the news networks going at full speed. The death of Anna Nicole Smith today has almost overloaded the news system. Nancy Grace, Greta Van Susteren, and Anderson Cooper have gone wild and are almost schizophrenic trying to cover all the action. In a way I am almost sorry for the poor demented astronaut, she is like an animal in the center ring of a circus. May God rest the tormented soul of the poor sweetheart of Mexia, Anna Nichole Smith.
The Romans had their fun with crucifixions but the press does the same thing today and it is almost as barbaric. They have great sport in judging someone before the facts are known. Nowak is obviously sick in the head, to wear diapers across the country, carrying a BB gun and pepper spay to do her victim in. She must be stressed out of her mind, but the press is ready to convict her. At least the heat is off President Bush for a few days. Haven’t even heard much about Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton or Iraq this week. The polar caps are melting and the seas are rising but it’s more entertaining to hear about the likes of a crazy astronaut and a drug crazed sex goddess.
I’m hoping that Nancy Pelosi will hijack a 747 for her personal use. If she got Nowak to pilot the plane and both wore diapers on their way to California that would make a great story. At least it would take our mind off the problems with the melting planet and the fanatics in the Middle East.


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