Saturday, February 10, 2007

The mug photo of Lisa Novak, the astronaut who made the bizarre trip to Florida to wipe out a competitive lover, reminded me of my photo taken recently for a drivers license renewal. People who design the cameras and take these pictures must have flunked out of photography school. The pictures always make you look horrible. I couldn’t recognize the astronaut with the haggard face on her recent arrest photo. I much prefer her in the orange astronaut suit with the large neck ring for attachment of the space helmet. All the patches on the suit and the American flag in the background and the model space ship in front make her look great and very important. The mug shot makes her look like a homeless street person.
Anyway, my drivers license picture looks much like the mug shot of the downfallen astronaut. One of the main problems I am going to have is when I go to show the picture for identification I will not appear to be the same person on the license card. At least I hope I am not that same person, it is very frightening if I am. When I first saw the picture I immediately made an appointment with plastic surgery for a face lift, to be followed by a stomach revision to lose weight. I finally cancelled when I decided the picture really wasn’t me and there must have been a mix up at the Department of Public Safety Office. The lady who took my information and snapped the picture really didn’t look to be interested in her work and could very well have made a mistake. My wife advised me that it was really me after two days of non-stop laughing at the photo. She has placed me on a strict diet and has me wear large sunglasses and a hat when we go out into public.
My photo sure made me feel sorry for Lisa. I started to use my photo instead of hers on the blog but thought I would wait until Halloween to post mine.


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