Saturday, March 31, 2007

Iranians are a brave people with a loving religion. They have managed to capture a few British sailors, one being a chain smoking female. The loving Iranians are now holding the sailors hostage and forcing confessions about how they were in Iranian waters and invading the country. The sailors have appeared on TV with an apology for their actions. A British sailor is pictured above along with a picture of what would happen to him if he didn’t confess.
The Iranians can really act tough with a group of hostages. Look at the American experience 25 years ago. They can bring an American President down or drive the price of oil through the roof.
They intend to make Islam the religion of the world and destroy Israel and kill all of us infidels in the process. The only thing that is hard to figure is that their God is also the God of Abraham. If he is a God of love why are they so incredibly mean. It’s hard to understand why that God condones beheading and suicide. I know a few people of the Islam faith who seem to be pretty nice folks. I just wonder if they are really thinking that I am an infidel and wishing me dead during our conversations. Whose side is God on anyway, Christianity, Judaism or Islam? The way many of their believers act, it may be none of the above. The way we are going they all may go up in smoke created by a nuclear holocaust. The barbarians may once again triumph.
I am ready to go back to the horse and buggy if that will free us of our dependence on Iranian oil. Those of us in the US are also hostages, not of the Iranians but to our addiction to oil. Until another energy source is developed we will not be free. This is going to be tough as long as our government and big oil companies don’t have it as a top priority. So, who is holding us hostage? The few whose eyes may see this blog probably don’t know of the great cartoon strip of several years ago called Pogo. It was absolutely great. Pogo summed up our current situation with these famous words, “ We have met the enemy and he is us.”


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