Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who can you believe anymore? The Central Intelligence Agency should probably be abolished or renamed the Central Misinformation Agency. Writers of spy novels, like Ian Fleming, should handle the job of supervising our espionage activities. We have made some pretty disastrous decisions lately based on incorrect information. The most notable example is the misinformation about weapons of mass destruction.
In 2002 the CIA took over the handling of Ibn Shaykh Al Libi, a captured Al Qaeda commander. Under torture he told of extensive ties between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein of Iraq. This information was passed to the White House and iwas used to justify the invasion of Iraq. Later on Al Libi recanted his story and the CIA withdrew its support of his statement. Thanks a lot, CIA.
The list of misinformation goes on. I have been lead to believe that Fidel Castro was dying of cancer. As it turns out this was probably not the case. He probably had complications from intestinal surgery for a benign cause of GI bleeding. We have apparently had many goofs regarding Castro through the years including the Bay of Pigs. Castro has been very influential through the years and is largely responsible for influencing Chavez of Venezuela and Morales of Bolivia to move to the left.
In the past, people like George Marshall, Dean Acheson and Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan have suggested abolishing the CIA and assigning its functions to the State Department.
On several occasions we have been misinformed about Osma Bin Laden’s health. We have seen pictures where he looks pale and emaciated through his gray beard.. He now seems far from being on the verge of death as he directs his operation safely from the mountains in Afghanistan under the watchful eye of our informants
I hope the CIA has not been feeding Al Gore his information about the destruction of the planet from global warming. After Gore is elected president he will tell us that all his information was a mistake and we will then know that he has been screaming that the sky is falling for his own political gain.
I don’t know what to believe. You sure can’t get correct information from the news media. The stories and messages we get in church are even mixed and different than when I was a kid. Marring people of the same sex and abortions were a no, no when I was a kid. Dancing seems to be now okay for the Baptist. The next thing I know they will be drinking in the open. The CIA must be advising the preachers about what the Lord thinks.


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