Wednesday, March 28, 2007

All we have heard on the news this week is about the autopsy results on Anna Nicole Smith. She is big business even after her death and may top Elvis Presley in popularity. She is certainly keeping an army of lawyers gainfully employed. Nancy Grace, Anderson Cooper and Greta Van Susteren are very grateful to her because they have had slim pickings on other news. There hasn’t been a good murder or child abduction worthy of note in several days and the war in Iraq and seizure of the British sailors is old hat. Iran is always taking hostages.
Anna Nicole is great stuff for news. They keep showing the same sexy pictures of her over and over. They are great to see and it’s amazing how her appearance changes. It’s only recently that I have started to look at her face and the prominent gum line above her front teeth. Being from Mexia, Texas I would be surprised if any of her teeth are the originals. But, who really cares about her face and teeth. The autopsy revealed more drugs in her than in a well stocked pharmacy. It’s a wonder she didn’t die of spontaneous combustion.
You might have hoped that the autopsy report would have ended it. No, it’s only just begun. The report said it was an accidental death, but the spin is now, who gave her all those drugs. Naturally, it’s someone else’s fault. Nothing is ever the fault of the person involved. The doctors gave her too much medicine or someone forced her to take all the stuff. Doctors are a great one to blame. The success of medical malpractice has proved that. We learn as a child to say it’s somebody else’s fault for everything that goes wrong with us. We all know that George Bush is responsible for 9/11, global warming, Katrina and just about everything else that is going on in the world today. When we get all the facts about Anna Nicole I am pretty sure it will be the fault of George Bush that she overdosed. The whole thing is a conspiracy that started with the assassination of Lincoln and has included others such as Martin Luther King and John Kennedy. It’s all part of the right wing conspiracy Hillary talks about. It actually started in the Garden of Eden. The serpent was really Bush is disguise and he made Eve eat the apple. Anyway, thank God for Anna Nicole. She gives us relief from the dullness of everyday life.


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