Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To be elected president of the United States the name is extremely important. Look at all the past presidents, they are pretty simple names like: Bush, Carter, Johnson, Kennedy, Nixon, Clinton, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Taft, Wilson etc., etc. All of them are relatively easy to spell and pronounce. You have little hope of getting elected with a tough name. The madman from Iran Mahmoud Anmadinejad wouldn’t have a chance even if he were sane.
Let’s look at some of the folks who are lining up for 08:
Tom Vilsack – Iowa Governor
Rudolph Giuliani – former mayor of NY
George Pataki – NY Governor
Barack Hussein Obama – Illinois senator
Evan Bayh - Indiana senator
These people don’t have a chance with names like that. Look at Michael Dukakis (pictured above) who ran for president in 1988, he was doomed from the start with a name like Dukakis. John Edwards, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton are easy names but God help us if they become president. Hopefully, some John Doe will rise to the occasion.
Meanwhile, the rabbi in Seattle must have read my blog. The Christmas trees are going back up in the airport. There may be hope.


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