Thursday, January 04, 2007

The blog has had several days of rest for the holidays. A great deal happened that was worthy of the blog but I just made mental notes of topics to come. The holidays were interesting. We had the hanging of Saddam Hussein as top news. I saw the New Year makes it’s entrance on TV by watching the ball drop in Times Square with Dick Clark describing the event just like he has done ever since TV was invented. They prop Clark’s body up and his mouth moves through the magic of TV animation. At 12:01 he is no longer on the air and has apparently collapsed back into his bed.
One of the most interesting things to happen in the past few days is that God’s man, TV evangelist Pat Robertson, has opened his mouth again. He is making his yearly predictions. Robertson informed the press that God had spoken with him and said that the US can expect a major terrorist attack sometimes latter this year and that millions may die. I’m glad we have someone who God speaks to directly with words we can all understand. I haven’t seen any of these folks since I left the Psychiatric service when I was a medical student. A lot of the folks who were in the hospital, in a closed ward with bars, claimed that God spoke to them all the time. It wasn’t clear to Robertson if the attack would be with a nuclear weapon or some other weapon of mass destruction. I’m not sure which God Robertson had his conversation with. It may be the one Saddam claims he is now with, along with the 9/11 terrorists. Perhaps they are planning on using the weapons that Saddam hid so well when he was in power. Hopefully, Saddam and the other terrorists will be so busy in bed with the virgins they will forget about the US. In any event, there is not much I can do about it since it is predestined and God is in on the deal.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Good to have you back, Doc. I am sure you have noticed that they are beginning the landscape work at S&W so the ugly building will likely look much better soon. As far as Pat Robertson I would not worry too much. It is hard to put much reliance on an evangelist of any kind but certainly not someone who has never even said the opening prayer at the Super Bowl. And if he was REALLY good at predictions he would have his face plastered on the cover of the Enquirer and Star and all of the other upscale reading material at the checkout stands at HEB.

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