Tuesday, December 12, 2006

There is currently a conference taking place in Iran which is supposedly studying the Holocaust to determine if it really happened. Madman, Iranian President Mahmoud Anmadinejad has stated that the holocaust is a myth and that the Jews should be wiped off the face of the earth. He wants to wipe them out or relocate them to North America or Europe which he also plans to wipe out when he perfects his nuclear arsenal. Anmadinejad orchestrated the conference which is mainly composed of people who hate the Jews including 3 or 4 rabbis who are anti- Zionist. The American representative is none other than the famous David Duke, former politician from Louisiana, who was a member of the Klan and is a known Jew and African American hater. I’m sure the results will be that the holocaust never existed in spite of all the photographs showing pile of bodies, mass graves and starving prisoners being unloaded from box cars and taken to the crematorium where they were gassed or used for medical experiments.
I have always wanted to support the Jews because they are Gods chosen people. I must admit I don’t always understand this because they can sure be aggravating at times with their obnoxious behavior. Now that is a real anti-Semitic statement which is sure to cause me grieve but again this is my blog and I say what is on my mind. For example just this week a rabbi in Seattle has threatened to sue the Seattle airport if they don’t put up menorahs to celebrate Hanukkah along with the Christmas trees which celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ. The airport has responded by removing all the Christmas trees to avoid the suit. If they had responded by putting up the menorahs then the Muslims, agnostics and other groups could have demanded equal representation. That kind of action by the rabbi doesn’t engender good will or a warm feeling . America is becoming a place where all holidays will be eliminated for fear of offending someone. We will be conducting our worships services in the home with the drapes drawn and will become victims of a holocaust inflicted by ourselves.
All this being said, no behavior condons a conference such as the one in Iran by a group of radicals who may destroy the earth in their quest to carry our Hitler's final solution. It has the potential for being the final solution to the human race.


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